Khobar Seafront

Khobar- KSA
Hospitality & Leisure
Imad Aoun
Area: 6,000 m2

The Program and Story Behind …

A VIBRANT SOCIETY is one of the pillars of Vision 2030.

In line with that vision, the project is a sustainable design district that will serve as an inspiration point.

Located in Khobar and in one of the most promising sea fronts with an easy access from the main road and an impeccable view towards the sea

The project will promote:

A healthy and safe environment for families to spend quality time, by implementing:

  • Leisure activities (Var.):

F&B outlets going from small cafes, healthy product kiosks to restaurants (2) with a design twist in stores.

Mixed with a shopping experience of concept stores by local and international designers as well as a couple of flagship stores.

All connected by a human scale walkways and landscape

  • Wellness activities (1):

Outdoor sports using the existing walk way that will connect to our project creating an interesting node.

A state of the art sport facility (Gym and open-air pool) and spa

  • Cultural activities:

Areas for kids and adults where they can take Art & Crafts (Paintings, drawings, fashion, etc.) related classes

Walk through landscapes that will serve as exhibition areas for local and international artists

Specially designed area(s) for outdoor performances

Ideally a central community space that is cool to go to that is inspiring and stimulates imagination

Elements of sustainable design will be woven throughout, and we can focus on hiring a predominantly female workforce, aligned with the goals of vision 2030.

With this approach, we are somehow stimulating the economy, integrating more women in the workforce, giving to the community through skills building, and are adhering with safe and environmentally friendly practices.


Developpers: Jannat and Rikaz