mddm Architects is a Beirut-based regional architecture studio with expertise in architecture, urban planning, landscaping, interior design, and industrial design. The firm’s portfolio includes an extensive range of projects spanning the Residential, Commercial, Corporate, Hospitality, Leisure, Health, Education, Hospitality, Industrial, and Urban sectors.

Founded by two innovative architects, Imad Aoun and Nadim Younes, mddm Architects draws on over 25 years of collective design experience. The studio leverages their distinctive perspectives and expertise to deliver collaborative, creative design solutions.

mddm Architects takes a holistic approach to space design, merging form and function to create spaces that are both aesthetically compelling and functional. The team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, tailoring designs that reflect their vision and exceed their expectations. The studio is committed to sustainable architecture, incorporating environmentally conscious design principles into their work.