Hospital – ST CHARLES

Baabda - Lebanon
Health And Education
Imad Aoun

St Charles Hospital – Baabda in Collaboration with Architect Ralph Madkour.

Located in the region of Baabda – Lebanon.

Built up area of 20.000 sqm.

The assignment was to restructure the existing hospital build by the German in the 50’s so that it would meet the modern medical requirements and specifications, as well as optimizing the number of beds. This led to the redevelopment of the actual hospital and the addition of a new extension, covering all the departments needed.

The location where the extension was implemented is based around the central core of the hospital that includes specific medical services, which should be in compliance with the standard medical interaction and rooting between different departments. Located in an upcoming heavy urban environment, the main interest was to preserve and create new green areas that mix between buildings and creates interesting paths and sceneries.